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I have a 2014 Harley breakout and I am about to do the 1000 mile service. I am using your Platinum Full-Synthetic 6 Speed Transmission Oil and Spectro Heavy Duty Primary Oil. Should I put in Golden Semi-Synthetic Heavy Duty 20w50, or go with a mineral for another 1000 or so miles? Living in the UK it does not get above 20 degrees too often. The dealers still use 20w50. Would a 10w60 work better or just stick with 20w50?

I have been using your two-stroke semi synthetic for years in my 2005 Skidoo 600, and I just ordered a new 600 EXTEC. I'm sure the dealer will say I have to use Skidoo oil but I have never had any problems with Spectro oil on my carberated sled. Any worries on the EXTEC?

Is Spectro oil good to use in my victory crossroads?

Is Spectro Heavy Duty 6 -Speed GL-5 transmission oil safe for yellow metals (bearings, bushings) in the transmission?

Your data sheet indicates a GL-5 rating. Some discussions, including the Mobil-1 website, state that the additives in GL-5 oils are detrimental to "yellow metal" parts in the trans. Is your GL-5 transmission oil different?

What does the API rating mean and how do you tell what is needed for your application, i.e.; Harley motorcycles, Truck etc.?

Should Spectro's Fuel Stabilizer be used during Winter months while riding or just for storage?

I have a 2003 RoadKing. I live in NY, (It is cold right now) I had my bike stored in the garage w/ a full tank and added your Spectro Fuel Stabilizer. I Took the bike out for a long Ride and It ran beautifully! When I re-filled the tank I noticed that the bike did not run as good (no stabilizer). Do you recommend that I use Spectro Fuel Stabilizer even though my bike is used throughout the Winter, or only for storage? The additive smoothes out the idle and I feel it burns much better

Can I mix different grades of Spectro Fork Oil together?

Will a 5w and a 15w give me a 10w? I have USF-05 Race Tech fork oil, manufactured by Spectro, can I mix it with 15w Spectro fork oil?

What the difference between Spectro's two cycle pre-mix blend and Platinum SX 32:1? I'm using it in a modern 2 stroke dirt-bike.

I believe I am stressing my current motor oil.

The majority of my riding on my HD Street Glide consists of 750+ mile days at 80+ mph, in stifling heat without cool-down breaks except for gas (you gotta love Texas and the southwest). What Spectro product and viscosity would best protect the motor against such heat?

Can I use your Spectro Platinum 10w60 in my Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide motorcycle?

Is it a good idea to go from FULL synthetic to SEMI synthetic?

I use Amsoil full synthetic. My mechanic (and very good friend) says he recommends Spectro Golden 4 semi-synthetic. I trust him but, could you give me a reason/or reasons why he may be right? He has used Spectro Golden 4 semi-synthetic for years and he highly recommends it in my bike. Is it a good idea?


Thanks for making products in the USA! I was wondering though, do you guys make everything that goes into the oil, even the crude or base oil and things like that? If you don't, where does that come from?

I own a 2013 Yamaha grizzly 700 and a 2013 Honda TRX 90. I used Spectro's Platinum 4, full synthetic ATV/Snowmobile oil in both at first oil change. Is this ok? The owner's manual didn't specify when to use synthetic.

I ride a late model Yamaha TTR 250, which Yamaha recommend their "01 Suspension Oil" (0W fork oil). We sell Spectro oil and are regularly being asked for 0W oil. What is 0W fork oil and which Spectro product do you recommend to do the job?

Would you use more oil than normal when changing your oil for the first time on an 1800 GoldWing from petroleum to synthetic? My manual says 3.9 quarts with a filter change but it's still not full at 4.5 quarts. I drained the old oil overnight not wanting any oil left in my engine.

Can I use any DOT 4 brake fluid in the front brake reservoir on a 2008 Screamin Eagle dyna or does it have to be Harley Davidson brake fluid?

I have a 2002 Harley - Electra Glide Classic. The "splined shifter shaft" going into the transmission is getting more and more free play (i.e. slack) in it. I'm told that I will soon be unable to shift into any gear. What is the problem and how do I fix it?

What type of oil should be used for a 2008 Night Train 96 cubic inch and is it the same oil for the primary?

I have a Victory Cross Country Tour. OEM calls for 20w40 Semi-synthetic. Other than Victory 20w40 oil, I have found nothing else out there. Do you have any plans on expanding your product line, or does Spectro have anything compatible that would work for my application?

What is the ratio of full synthetic to mineral base oil that is in Spectro's Golden 4 Semi-synthetic oil?

What is your recommended differential oil for a 2007 Polaris 700cc Ranger 4x4?

I bought 20w50 Heavy Duty full synthetic by mistake. Will the weight be okay for my Triumph 1050 Tiger or 1200 GS 2005 BMW?

Can I use Golden Spectro Two-Cycle in my 1968 6-cylinder, water-cooled Outboard motor?

The top three frequently asked questions at Spectro. Do you know the answers?

Question 1: Can viscosity grades be mixed? Question 2: Can you explain multi-weight lubricants? Question 3: My dealer says I have to use the OEM lubricant in my motorcycle or my warranty is void.

API ratings on a Harley® vs Spectro Oils

I have been using Harley Davidson 360 20w50 conventional oil in my new 2012 Street Glide 103. Harley doesn't give a API rating on their 360 conventional oil. So I have been thinking of using one of your Heavy Duty 20w50 oils in my bike. The question I have is, how does you API ratings for your Heavy Duty oils compare to the Harley 360 conventional? How much does the higher amounts of zinc and phosphorous in your Heavy Duty oils have an effect on the catalytic converters on these new Harleys?

On my 2012 FXDF 103 motor, I have the billet cam plate with bronze cam bushings. I use your 20w50 Platinum (GL-4 or GL5? ) with the yellow metals. Is that a problem?

At what oil operating temperature will your Heavy Duty Platinum 20w50 synthetic oil start breaking down?

I have a 2007 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide motorcycle. 44,000 miles. My transmission final drive bearing is making noise.

This is the first year of the 6 speed for this model. I have used your 75w140 since it was brand new. I change it every 10,000 miles. The book calls for a change at 20,000. This motorcycle is 100% stock and is not hotrodded (it's a Harley). Mostly highway miles. Is this oil to heavy? Have you heard of issues with this transmission.? Is 10,000 miles between changes to long? Is there a better fix for this than the Motor Co.?

Does Spectro Performance Oils make a compatible oil for the final drive on the BMW K1600GT motorcycle.

What products should I use in my BMW R75/7. I am currently run BMW 20-50 mineral oil made by you. How about in my tranny, drive shaft and rear drive?

What is "detergent" in oil? Can it affect rubber parts? Is it like detergent for washing dishes?

Which of your oil do you recommend for a 1999 Honda VT1100 Shadow spirit with 16,000 miles

What fork oil do you recommend for a 2008 Yamaha MT01?

BMW recommends 5w40 engine oil for my 2009 K1300GT. What products do you have at this weight?

Will your 2 stroke oil separate in cold temperatures?

Can Spectro Platinum 32:1 be used in small engines? Chainsaws etc.?

Which Spectro oil is closest in formulation to the BMW branded 10w40, API SG/SH, JASO MA oil that you make for them? I can get Spectro oil a lot closer to home than the BMW product.

Why does my mechanic recommend Spectro Golden 4 semi-synthetic?

I use Amsoil full synthetic in my 2011 Vulcan 1700 Nomad. My mechanic (and very good friend) says he recommends Spectro Golden 4 semi-synthetic. I trust him but, could you give me a reason/or reasons why he may be right? He has used Spectro Golden 4 semi-synthetic for years and he highly recommends it in my bike. Is it a good idea to go from FULL synthetic to SEMI synthetic?

I have a 2003 Yamaha Roadstar 1700 Warrior. the manual says to use 10w40. I live in South Florida can I use 20w50 because of warm climate. The manual also says not to use full synthetic.?

Do you have an equilvent for the Sea Doo XPS 4 stroke oil and if so what is it?

Can Synthetic Oil Be Switched to Regular Oil?

With high performance cars from Detroit (new Corvette) coming with full synthetic oils from the factory, when is a good time to switch your new motorcycle or ATV over to full synthetics?

Can I use the Spectro Platinum 4 full synthetic in my KLX 300 with EBC Teflon clutch even though EBC says not to use full synthetic?

Are any of your oils suitable to run with methanol, especially the HD engine oils?

Heavy Duty Platinum goes for the bronze.

Is it okay to use Spectro Heavy Duty Platinum 6-Speed Transmission Oil in a transmission (2012 Ural) that has bronze in it?

78 Harley is too hot to handle!

I am a newbie rider who bought a '78 Harley FXE. What is the best oil to use (it runs very hot!)? Should I go with a synthetic?

What weight fluid should I use in the primary on my 2002 heritage Softail FLSTCI?

API Ratings for Older Engines

I have a 1969 Triumph Bonneville T120R with a recently rebuilt engine. I had the oil changed and Spectro 4 20w50 oil was used. I just noticed that the API rating is SL. I am a little concerned that it is not showing a SG rating for that old of engine. Could you advise your recommendations.

Spectro' Motor-Guard - Is it wet clutch compatible?

I just purchased several quarts of Spectro Motor-Guard with 2X of ZDDP for flat tappet protection, I fully understand the need for ZDDP because of the high pressure contact area of flat tappet camshafts but is this oil compatible with wet clutch's ? Is Spectro Motorcycle oil a better choice seeing that it states on that oil that it is compatible with wet clutches ?

Spectro's Golden Gear Lube SAE 80 and a Vespa PX200

Is Spectro Golden Gear Lube SAE 80, suitable for a Vespa PX200? I believe there is a mixture of different metals, ie; aluminum and brass as well as steel in the wet clutch box.

Synthetic vs Semi-Synthetic for a Honda Goldwing

I have a 2002 Honda goldwing that will soon be reaching the 100,000 mile mark. I have used nothing but golden spectro semi synthetic in it from the first oil change. My question is would there be anything to gain by changeing to a full synthetic at this point with that many miles and what grade of oil would you recommend using?

ATV vs Motorcycles

I have a case of Spectro 4 ATV 5w20. Is that ok to use in 4 stroke motorcycles or is it only for ATVs?

Three Questions...

I recently bought a Victory Vision that requires a semi-synthetic SAE 20w40 meeting JASO MA. Based on recommendation at the Cycle Gear store I went with Golden4 20w50. Three questions. 1. Is this a good choice, especially in summer? 2. What is the SAE rating for cold weather? 3. Why can't I find 20w40? I have a Yamaha that wants regular 20w40 and can't find it.

What is your best recommendation for crankcase lube, primary lube, and transmission lube for my 2004 Harley Heritage Classic FLSTCI.

Is Spectro's Platinum 4 10w40 oil any good with the wet clutch under severe racing conditions?

I have a race car with a GSXR 2005. I run Spectro's Platinum 4 10w40. Is this oil any good with the wet clutch under severe racing conditions or should I fill her up with Semi Synthetic or Mineral Oil?

What could happen if I use JASO M class oil in a Harley-Davidson engine, Evo/twin-cam, or BMW boxer?

Does Spectro 4 10w40 have a shelf life?

I've had a new quart in a never opened plastic quart bottle in my shed for about 6 or 7 years. The shed is in a location with hot summers and cold winters. Can I use it?

Spectro and BMW

I own a 2009 R1200GS BMW. What transmission oil and final drive oil does Spectro recommend? I use BMW oil in engine which I think is made by Spectro for BMW.

SeaDoo or SeaDon't?

Which of your oils is recommended for the 2011 SeaDoo RXT 260 pwc. SeaDoo of course recommends their brand or equivalent but they do not mention the equivalents name. Many of us do not want to use SeaDoos high priced oil but are unsure as to what to replace it with.

Can Spectro synthetic DOT 4 brake fluid be used in a 1999 Yamha Virago XV535L motorcycle?

How degrading!

I just mixed up a 5 gallon can of Sunoco standard race gas with your Golden Spectro 2 stroke oil. That is enough fuel for many months for my trials bike. Should I have any concerns about the oil degrading while waiting to use up the can?

It's getting hot in here!

I have used Spectro's Golden lubricant for years in my Honda Goldwing. Currently I am using Platinum 20-50 in my Harley. Would your Platinum 10w60 do better in higher heat temperatures?

Do two stroke oils use the same base groups as synthetic fourstroke oils?

If so,what base group is the two stroke premix oil derived from? I am making a Presentation for my college chemistry class,so any forther information on the chemistry of synthetic oil would be greatley appreciated. I chose two present your product because I have a 1987 KDX 200 that has been run on your two stroke premix since it was new and it still runs great to this day without ever having been rebuilt.

What is the zinc content, if any in your HD motorcycle oil SAE 50?

Is My Oil Supposed to Foam?

I recently changed the engine oil on my BMW R 1200 GS from Spectro 4 to Golden Spectro. I noticed that there is a small layer of foam on top of the oil level in the sight glass when I switch off the engine. The layer disappears after a while. I have done 4 rides (20km each) and it does it every time. Any thoughts?

Going Bigger

I just rebuilt my suzuki ltz400 with a big bore kit, which oil would you recommend me running?

Oil Change; Based on Time or Miles?

I own five motorcycles (2 antiques) and only use Spectro oils (I picked up a case this morning). On many of these bikes I only put perhaps 1,000 miles on them or less annually. People tell me I should change the oil before putting them to bed for the winter but I don't want to be wasteful either. What is your recommendation? Should one change oil based on time or miles? Once the bike has been ridden any miles after the oil change should it be changed again before storage? I thought I would ask the experts!

Dealers won't sell Syn Sno

I have been reading lots of good things about your Syn Sno Snowmobile oil for power valve engines. I am not having much luck in locating a dealer that carries your products. The ones I have found do not carry the snowmobile oils or at least not the synthetic. I am located between Iowa City, Iowa and the Quad Cities. Muscatine is not far either. Any help would be appreciated.

Do you Batch Blend oils?

Exhaust Catalyst

Hello, I am working on a research paper covering the technical merits of motorcycle oils at Oklahoma State University. From what I understand thus far, automotive oils contain less phosphorus than motorcycle oils, because phosphorus deteriorates catalyst converters in automobiles. Can you tell what the function of a catalyst and a converter are in an automobile? Why are high phosphorus concentrations in oil bad for the catalyst? Thank you for your help

Label Question

I have purchased some of your "Spectro Golden 4" synthetic blend oil. The label on the bottle has it marked as sf/sg but your web site says that it is good for sh applications. Is the label inaccurate or is the error on your web site?

Makeup Oil

On a long ride, if I find I need makeup oil, what can I use? Must I carry your oil?

Mixing Viscosity Grades

Can I mix viscosity grades?

Motorcycle Catalytic Convertors

I had read that high levels of phosphorous and zinc in motorcycle oil is harmful to catalytic converters in motorcycles. On your website, it states that your motorcycle oils have high levels of these minerals for specific motorcycle needs. Would your oil have an adverse effect on motorcycles with catalytic converters?

I have a new 2002 Honda Goldwing motorcycle and am planning to change the oil and filter at around 600-700 miles for the first oil change. I have planned to use your Golden Spectro 10-40w because I have heard positive comments about it. But since my bike has catalysts, I'm wondering if I need to buy an oil with lower levels of phosphorous and zinc. Thank you in advance for your response.


I am still getting questions about multi-weight lubricants, so here's an explanation in one short paragraph.

OEM Question

My dealer says I have to use the OEM lubricant in my motorcycle or my warranty is void.

Oil Comparisons

Have a couple of simple questions. Why is Spectro better than Harley, RevTech, Mobil and Penzoil these are the competitors in Europe. What does Spectro contain that makes it better than the competition or is the basic oil better than the competition? Also the graph on your website show the oils contain phosphorus, zink, calcium and magnesium: what are the advantages of these and what do they do? What should be in a good aircooled motorcycle oil and what should not? Which of these are in Spectro and are not or are at a lower percentage in competitors oils? On a scale of 10 where does Spectro end up and were does the competition?

Oil Of Course

Your website regarding motorcycle oil is highly informative, especially the part where you mention SAE paper #961217. I have been doing research on motorcycle oils for some time now and that's the first I'd heard of that paper. I'll be ordering it shortly.

Anyway, I wanted to ask you why manufacturers of motorcycle oil are not required to meet the same standards as manufacturers of automotive oil? I understand that the SJrated automotive oil is inappropriate for use in a motorcycle. I guess my real question is how are motorcyclespecific oils standardized? The automotive oils must meet the SJ ratingis there a similar standard for motorcycle oil?

Thanks for your help.

Skidding Roller Question

Hi Folks! Living in Tucson, it's 106 and the New Sportster 1200 and I are making more noise then normal. I would like to use your oils now that the bike is broken in but I understand there is concern that some oils may prohibit proper "spinning" of roller bearings and hence some wear occurs making things no longer round! Do you have an opinion on this? Thanks for any info. Mark

Spectro Golden Question

My dealer says I need to have 10,000 miles on my motorcycle before I can use Spectro Golden 4 Semi-Synthetic. Is this correct?

Spectro SNO vs Polaris's Synth

I am looking to replace the Polaris's Synth. Gold that I am currently using in my 2000 XC600SP. My motor has variable exhaust valves, so I am concerned that this might be an issue. Can you tell me if Spectro SYN-SNO is a better product than Polaris's Synth. Gold, or if it is comparable; and if so, is it a financially viable solution?

Straight Weight or Multi-viscosity product

Should I use a straight weight or multi-viscosity product?

SX 400 Question

I am a member of Cornell Racing at Cornell University and your company graciously gave us a case of your Spectro SX "400" shock and fork oil to assist us in the testing and development of our race dampers. I have one question though: we are looking into the possibility of cavitation occurring during use and were wondering if you have the vapor pressure information for the SX "400" oil. This would be a great help, thank you.

Synthetic for CBXs

Why is it that you are 'afraid' to recommend a Synthetic for my CBXs ? They are in as good a shape, if not better, than my Gamma or Ducati...

2 Cycle Engine Question

I have an old, 2-cycle engine. Can I use your oil at 20:1 ratio as my manual recommends?

2007 Harley Oil

What oil do you suggest I use in my 2007 Harley? I want the best you have but am unsure if I need gear oil or tranny oil, and what is the difference? Do I use a GL5 oil?

Dealer Locations

Need your oil - Where you at these days? I live in Hinesville GA, near Savannah. I have been using Golden Spectro 4 in my Suzuki 1400 for 9 years. I can not find this product locally. The Honda dealer said he was all set up to get a delivery and it never arrived. My Suzuki dealer said he can't get it any more. J&P Cycles doesn't have it listed either. Susie misses her good lube, in fact, she won't shift for me like she used to. How can I get some GS4 10W40 mailed to me? I couldn't find a way to order product on your web site. I already know how good it is. I was looking for a simple shopping cart. Hopefully it will be less expensive going direct to Manuf. Made in America. Hmm! Might have to get the hat and market this. No wonder Suzuki and Honda don't carry it and Harley...well, they might buy your lube but you know they will put their name on it. Ha!

Signed: Dry shifting and in need of some slick stuff. Marc

Air/Fuel Ratio and Oil/Fuel Ratio

This may be a ridiculous question, but I would like to know the correlation between air/fuel ratio and oil/fuel ratio rich/lean mixture. Is it acceptable to lean out the oil/fuel ratio from that of the manufactures recommendation to compensate for rich running conditions. I use Golden Spectro 2stroke oil in my '99 KDX 200. Manufacturer recommends 32:1,I run the Golden Spectro at 40:1 and sometimes leaner and I find this to be acceptable by reading my spark plug. Please, could you inform me if I'm off track?

Changes in API Ratings

Ive noticed changes in API ratings on automotive oils from time to time: SJ, for example. These are not always reflected in Spectro products. Why is this?